Emigrants' Comission

Dar l-Emigrant, Castille Place, Valletta, VLT 01, Malta .
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Emigrants' Commission is a non-governmental, non-profitable, voluntary organisation, which is established to help and protect people in need by offering them free services, counselling and protection.

Emigrants' Commission came into being in 1950 due to the huge exodus of Maltese to foreign lands because of over population and unemployment. The aim was to offer help to those who intended to settle abroad.

Now its services cover all those affected by migration including immigrants, refugees and tourists. Under the patronage of the Emigrants' Commission there are other organisations whose activities are orientated to help immigrants and tourists in more specific areas and it also houses Associations such as:

The activities of the Emigrants' Commission are various and many such as:

SocialWork :
Counselling, tracing lost relatives, speaking up for migrants and refugees with the local authorities, help with language courses, providing useful contacts. Organising cultural, social and religious activities at regular intervals e.g. Seminars, Courses, Cultural Tours, Migrants' Day, Mothers' Day, Christmas Gatherings.
For more information about courses or activities, please contact e-mail:

Marriages :
One significant corollary to migration is that of mixed marriages: Maltese marrying non-Maltese, Maltese marrying foreign-based Maltese, Catholics marrying non-Catholics.
Preparatory courses and talks are held regularly and married people with problems are helped.
Contacts are established with spouses living in other countries.
For the appointment or any questions, please contact e-mail
: fravella@onvol.net  Fr. Alfred Vella

For many years now refugees in Malta have been helped in many ways.
Protection, basic needs, accommodation, recreation and schooling are sympathetically dealt with. This is made more effective by the official recognition of the Emigrants' Commission as an Operational Partner of the UNHCR Branch Office in Rome. Help for refugees is also solicited by the Commission through its very useful contacts both domestic and foreign.
Records are kept and reports are issued from time to time.
Emigrants' Commission has some 10 homes at its disposal, where approximately 150 of the most vulnerable refugees are accommodated, free of charge. Some of these homes are privately owned, while the others are church homes.

Should you need any help or information, please contact Fr. Alfred Vella or Mgr. Philip Calleja, e-mail:

Catholic Enquiry Centre:
The scope of the CEC is to provide information on the Catholic Church and its teaching to those who are interested. Those who normally seek this service are overseas visitors and non-Catholics who intend to marry a Catholic partner. Personal and confidental instruction is provided and so are books and leaflets. Those who wish to contact a priest can do so. Confidentiality is assured. Social gatherings are occasionally organised.

Contact person: Sr.Maria Buhagiar or Ms.Jessie Sammut
Contact e-mail:

Research Centre

The Research Centre houses a number of books, reviews and newspapers on migration, both Maltese and international.
The history of Maltese emigration during the 20th century is being compiled. Two books have been published which cover the periods 1900-1914 and 1918-1939. The third book will cover emigration from 1946.
A bilingual (English/Maltese) review called Lil Hutna has been published since 1950. This review is for all those interested in Maltese migration and is a useful link between Maltese communities overseas. All past numbers are available at the Research Centre.
The Research Centre is also producing weekly programme in Maltese and English on the development of Maltese migration. These programmes are broadcasted on the radio "Voice of the Mediterrean" on short wave and can be heard in many countries.
The Research Centre collaborates with Radio Malta in producing a weekly programme called Migrant's Magazine. The programme gives news and comments on Maltese communities overseas, interviews with visiting migrants and gives information on the activities of the Emigrants' Commision.
Students of Maltese migration are especially welcome to avail themselves of the facilities of the Research Centre, at Dar l-Emigrant, Valletta.
To obtain more information, or to get any published material, please contact e-mail:
mecmalta@vol.net.mt   Fr. Lawrence Attard.

S.O.S. Albania

S.O.S. Albania came into being in 1991, after the tragic exodus of Albanian refugees to the shores of Italy and Malta. It is a voluntary organisation set up under the auspice of Emigrants' Commission, with the objective of assisting materially and morally Albanian refugees and their people in need, especially through projects of a social and charitable nature.
A Home for the Disabaled; Preca College - secondary school; a Family Health Centre; a Mobile Dental Clinic are some of the projects required to help in building a new society for the people of Albania.

If you can help, or should you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Lilian Miceli Farrugia or Mrs. Claudia Taylor - East at: info@sosmalta.org .

Associations of Returned Migrants

Emigrants' Commission houses several Associations of returned migrants, which operate from Emigrants' Commission premises at Dar l-Emigrant, Castille Place, Valletta.
These Associations organise their activities and meetings, and are accepting new members on a regular basis. Each of the Associations deals with a specific group of Migrants and their needs.
For more information please send your e- mail addressed to the Association you are looking for, by contacting:

  • Association of Families of Migrants (A.F.E.) - Chairman: Mrs B. Fenech Gonzi
  • Maltese - American Association (M.A.A.) - President: Mr Nino Abela
  • Friends of Australia Association (F.O.A.A.) - President: Mr Anthony Cutajar
  • Maltese - Canadian Association (M.C.A.) - President: Mr Anthony Paris
  • International Wives Association (I.W.A.) - Chairman: Mrs Jeanette Vassallo

  • Association of the Families of Migrants:

    The Association is one of the earliest activities of the Emigrants' Commission. It came into being to assuage the pain caused by separation from loved ones.
    Emigrants are invited to send hampers to their loved ones here in Malta especially for Christmas.
    The same applies for Mother's Day. The Commission offers its services for this through its representatives abroad.
    To order a Mother's Day or Christmas Humpers, please apply to Mr Joseph Calleja at

    Visiting migrants can meet their relatives and friends at the premises of Dar l-Emigrant where they can also enjoy the multi-media show Sacred Island in a recently refurbished small theatre.
    Children of visiting migrants are especially welcome.
    Those parents who would like to organize functions for their children while in Malta, be they religious or otherwise, can do so.

    For more information or enquires please send your e-mail to: Mr.Mario T Vassallo mectravel@mecmalta.com


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    Valletta. Tel. (00356)21222644/21240255/21232545 Fax (00356)21240022
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    Office Hours: Week-days: 8.30a.m. - 12.30a.m.; 3.00p.m. - 6.00p.m.
    Summer time: 8.30a.m. - 1.30p.m.

    The Association of Families of Migrantes organizes travel groups for Australia, Canada, U.S.A. and Europe. Other destinations can also be considered. Staff at Dar l-Emigrant can also help those visiting migrants or others to plan excursions overseas. Air tickets and special tariff tickets are available from the counter.
    Contact persons: Mr Joseph Calleja, Mrs Rosene Campbell

    Secretariat for Maltese Priests Overseas

    The Secretariat keeps in touch with Maltese priests working overseas. The priests can also refer to the Secretariat their needs, queries or problems. Regular meetings are held for the priests who return home for a break.
    Contact person: Fr Alfred Vella

    Contact e-mail: fravella@onvol.net