Malta Migration Museum

The Migration Museum

The Emigrants’ Commission has taken the initiative to create The Migration Museum at Dar l-Emigrant. Drawing on its role of assisting emigrants departing Malta, the scope of the Museum is to record how emigration began and subsequently developed. Additionally we show how the communities of Maltese emigrants integrated into the various countries where they settled and what they contributed in these places.

It is hoped that the museum will further strengthen the migrants’ sense of belonging to their Maltese origins. Another aim for establishing this Museum is to reach the Maltese in Malta and the Maltese Communities abroad, helping them to better understand the realities of migration and the value of social inclusion.

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About Us

We are a team of volunteers researching the archived documents and internet to create our website and museum...

Digital collection

Having been discussed for a number of years, the initial stage of the new museum was launched in December 2011...